Trapped in Plastic

A flash fiction

I drew and wrote this a while ago while I was campaigning for paper vs polyethylene

I am gasping for breath but I still can’t breathe…. This plastic!! The water soothes me but when I’m surrounded by plastic from all four corners I feel suffocated and claustrophobic. Ironically I feel I’m drowning in vaccum, trying to break free. As I push these unbreakable walls with my feeble legs, my attempts remain unsuccessful. Tears of utter humiliation blind me when not even a scratch occurs on those prison walls. Many of our marine species have been choked on bottle caps and colorful polyethylene bags. Now please try to place yourselves in my shoes and then you will know how it feels to be :


26 thoughts on “Trapped in Plastic

  1. I really like this and it would fit in with my Monday posts at the moment … Would you mind if I used this image as long as I link back to your post ??? Thank you for following CarolCooks 2.,

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