The Perspective : What do you see?

So I drew this a while ago, when I experienced emotions I had never before. This digital illustration has different meanings to anyone who see it.

My perspective: Trapped in her very own fan fiction, walking past the rustling Japanese tree, analyzing the situation that took place a few minutes ago. The rush of chemicals are attacking her altogether. Running away to her wonderland , anxiously looking for an escape in this whirlwind, She encounters the peek of the hill. Curiosity getting the best of her, she draws her one of her gloves out to see where it falls. The looks at the white light that gives her hope, deciding if she should jump into her rabbit hole or face the tornado.

Tell me what yโ€™all think!! And what do YOU see? ๐Ÿ™‚

11 thoughts on “The Perspective : What do you see?

  1. I see a young lady on the edge of adventure. Looking closely, I see a rabbit in the cloud, calling her forth. He may be turning cartwheels and spinning in circles like the one in my yard this morning. He mesmerized her with his antics, but she is ready now to seek the peace of the branches behind her. Apart from the vine, I am nothing. Go back to the living … and climb itโ€™s branches. Get a safer, better view!!

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  2. Beautiful piece of art.
    I see a lady throwing a glove off from the cliff. Then as she watches it fall, she is in a way bidding goodbye to a lot of things that were associated with the glove. Now I have 2 perspectives again
    1. She had killed someone and disposing of the evidence. She feels a sense of justification after the act. A closure
    2. She was working in a chemical factory in a small town. Now she finally found a way out of this place and throwing off her gloves. As it falls she recollects her experiences and feel content about the time to come and how she is finally free.

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